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인물화 주문제작

Wedding portrait (신부 1인)



Oval canvas 와 Golden leaf 로 마무리된,

아름다운 포트레잇, <Wedding Portrait> 주문제작 안내 입니다.

안녕하세요. "Painting for You" 에서는 가장 특별하고,소중한분을 위한 아름다운 인물화 주문작을 선보입니다.


"Traditional oil painting" 으로 전해지는 깊은 감동의 여운이 여러분들의 마음속에 언제나 함께 할것 입니다.

마음에 드시는 웨딩사진(3~5장)을 보내 주시거나 방문해 주시면,

저희 "P for Y" 주문제작 안내와 상담을 받으실수 있습니다.


<Custom Portrait - Wedding>
Considering a special present?
A custom oil painting is an unforgettable gift.


 12 x 16 inch (30 x 40 cm) / Oval canvas ............ $850
 16 x 20 inch (40 x 50 cm) / Oval canvas ............ $1000


-Golden leaf

-Your name (or title) will be written on the bottom of the canvas. 
 Certificate of authenticity will be included. 


-How to order
*Please send me your reference 3~5 photos.
*You and I will discuss about how your painting will be drawn. 
*Through out the work, I will send you the progress. 
*After that, I will email you the final work before it is shipped. 
*You can check how it looks before you get it.  
*Total work time: approximately 2~3 weeks.


Your name /Seal  /artist signature /Certificate of authenticity /Golden leaf

*Other commissions
I’m potentially available for any type of project.


© Painting for You
 - artist @taeil Kim


Wedding portrait

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